About Diane Huntington Loring

An Interesting Path to the Present

Diane Huntington Loring, would have been a straight A student if she just could have bounced a basketball in class all day or jumped up and down non-stop. Unfortunately, at the time, traditional classroom etiquette/protocol didn’t allow for that.

Born in a time that didn’t provide much athletic opportunity, for females, Diane found many ways to gratify her athletic nature. Diane grew up in a small town with lots of surrounding agriculture, hills and fields to play in.

When Diane was 4 years old, her parents allowed one of those traveling photographers with a pony to take her picture. That was it for Diane, born to be a horsewoman!

Diane bought her very own, first horse on her 11th birthday. Her parents had agreed that she could have a horse but she would have to buy the horse and food for it.

She created a budget, mowed lawns, went throughout the neighborhood and did odd jobs and prior to that birthday she submitted her business plan and money. Those parents knew then that they were in deep but had to keep their end of the deal. Her Dad looked at her and said, “you’ll have to help me build the corral,” deal made!

Her Mom bought her Dad a horse, beautiful 5 gaited, full blown American Saddlebred, akin to a Harley Davidson.

Diane owned horses for 20 years and became a devoted fan of the American Saddlebred horse!

Diane bought her second horse a beautiful, registered American Saddlebred from one of the owners of Knotts Berry Farm when she was 17, she wasn’t really looking for a horse but was futurizing when one of the local veterinarians suggested she take a look at this mare who was injured at the time.

Diane went to the Knotts Berry Farm stable where they had the horse, took one look and fell madly in love with, Larkwood’s Moonglo.

During high school, Diane lived in Orange County, graduated from La Habra High School and frequented, Huntington, Newport, and lived in Belmont Shores and Laguna Beach.

Married at 21 and at 24 her son Brody was born. Diane left her marriage a year later and moved to Northern California. When Brody was just 1 1/2 years old, Diane went to work for Pacific Gas & Electric Company as a Groundperson. She achieved her Line Truck Driver status and commercial driving license. Diane then became an Apprentice Lineman and passed all of her schools over the years.

Diane left the company on a Workman’s Compensation claim and was awarded a settlement. Diane would have been one of the first women ever to become a Journeyman Lineman.

Diane moved back to Southern California and settled in Ventura, feeling that it would be a great place to raise her son. She, upon the advice of a lifelong friend, pursued massage school and in 1982 received her certification for massage therapy.

Diane opened a space at Body Transitions and was there for 4 years before she opened her business at the Pierpont Racquet Club, 28 years ago. Diane then opened a space at the Pierpont Inn and was there for 22 years, when new owners took it over.

In 2005 Diane opened a 4600 square foot, Victorian House as a spa and art gallery. After 5 years and with projected developments in the surrounding area, not coming to fruition because of the economic recession, Diane decided to call that venture a total success and go in a different direction. Diane opened a new space at the Four Points by Sheraton Ventura Harbor in 2009.

Diane over the years became certified to teach Infant Massage with the International Association for Infant Massage and then later continued to join forces with a Foundation for Healthy Family Living. Diane also became a Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise.

Diane re-entered the horse world at Stalloreggi Ranch in Montecito, and trained with Elizabeth Martin, now Elizabeth Shatner, Professional Horse Trainer, Champion rider and Judge in the National Horse Judging Circuit, holding 7 judges cards.

In 1996, Diane became the Founder and Executive Director of WISE, Women Involved in Sports Evolution, an athletic training program designed to propel participants of all ages to their personal, athletic best!

WISE provides specialized training for Law Enforcement, Fire & Safety.

WISE has trained several champions over the years, including, CIF, State, National, World and Olympic. The WISE Athletic Training Program is headquartered at the Pierpont Racquet Club.

Diane has been practicing Taekwondo for the past 14 years. Diane is currently a, Third Dan Blackbelt and State, National and International Taekwondo Champion. Diane sees herself as a lifetime devotee of Taekwondo.

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Royal Relative

Learn more about Diane’s relationship to Queen Victoria

The Huntingtonfrom Huntington Library
“I looked at the pages from the Huntington Genealogical Memoir (and then looked at our copy to find Henry!). It appears that your shared ancestor with our Huntingtons is Simon Huntington (1629-1736). His number in the Memoir is 1.3. Your grandmother, ( was descended from Simon’s fourth child, Joseph. Henry ( was descended from Simon’s sixth child, Samuel.”

“In my quest to always maximize my personal potential, it is with great joy that I receive this letter of acceptance from, Huntington University. It is a wonderful university placed in Huntington County and touted as one of the best.”… read more.

huntington family associationfrom the Huntington Family Association Secretary
“I did find one thing interesting. Did you know you are descended from two different Huntingtons? Both ultimately trace back to Simon (1.3). But you are descended from Jonathan Huntington ( who you note, and Sarah ( who married Jonathan.”

Sarah, listed above, was my mother’s, great grandmother and daughter of, Caroline Cornelia Streit Huntington.

Caroline Cornelia Streit was the daughter of a Canadian official. She was married to my mother’s great, great grandfather, Collis Hickox Huntington.

My mother’s great, great grandmother, Caroline Cornelia Streit, was second cousin to Queen Victoria.

Queen Elizabeth’s great, great grandmother was Queen Victoria.

My mother’s great, great grandmother was second cousin to Queen Victoria.

Sometimes the only thing to do is figure out the smartest strategy and fight until you win…that’s where it has to go, no matter if there is no air, no muscle, no anything but will, blood and bone, you fight until you win and every step of the way and once you have won, you can give thanks…
~ Diane Huntington Loring