September 12, 2015

New Book by Resident Artist. Subtle Abuse: Little Things Mean a Lot





“Recently we read an article stating “families are dying and soon.” We totally disagree. Families are not dying, but they are coming back not as traditional families of the 1950s but disguised in many other forms.

All of these families have love, as well as many types of relationships and configurations within them. These families are the modern day versions of what we called the traditional nuclear family. So what does this new family paradigm look like?

Research says that only 16.3 percent of the country’s 56 million families are “nuclear” with bread winner fathers, stay-at-home moms plus assorted children. That means that approximately 83.7 percent of the rest of the country is left outside the traditional definition of a family from the past.

Do we keep looking at all these new families as bad, when good people, children and parents, make up these groups? Or do we all have to feel like we are a lesser family if we are not in the traditional 16% nuclear family?

No, these families have great results in love support and energy. Could all of these new forms of family be wrong? Could there still be deep love and affection in them? Could modified parents still protect and guide the family? Is all truly lost?

We know these are new types of families, twenty first century families and some are doing a really good job at being a family! But they are indeed not the traditional nuclear family of the past. So we need to get over it!”

Resident Artist & Clinical Psychologist

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