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    Surf and Spa

    Photos courtesy of Patagonia


    Surf and SPA

    Mary Osborne, professional surfer, model and ambassador for several companies! Mary is ranked as one of the world’s top female surfers, has graced the cover of several surf publications, is the co-author of, women’s surf book: Sister Surfer, is a television host and serves as a role model for women all over the world!

    Mary will be offering surf lessons to anyone interested in learning how to surf and at all levels. If you have ever envied Mary’s sun kissed glow, you can now get that same tan from the pro longboarder herself!

    Adult Surf Camps & Private lessons

    (by appointment only)

    Kid’s Summer Surf Camps: more information can be viewed at

    Solymar Spray Tanning

    1225 E. Main Street
    Ventura, CA 93001
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    Historical Walks

    Sondra Briggs, author of “Port Hueneme Beach Walks My Pathway to Peace” offers historical walks in downtown Ventura!


    Sondra Briggs has discovered a method of meditation walking. As she walks on paths along the Pacific Ocean, she becomes aware of her surroundings, the universe, the rhythm of the seasons and her innermost thoughts. She shares these insights in her book, “Beach Walks My Pathway to Peace”.


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    Ashleigh's Jewelry

    Beautiful Jewelry, Beautiful Cause


    About Nu Intentions

    Ashleigh Livingston is honored to work with Spa by Diane Huntington Loring. Diane Loring is an inspiring entrepreneur to men and women alike. Her choice to empower local artists, causes, and community in her spa is what makes Ashleigh’s jewelry a beautiful fit with by Spa by Diane Huntington Loring. Ashleigh started her original entrepreneurial spirit with Bad Ash Earrings, a guitar pick jewelry line used to fund her philanthropic spirit, through co-founding Nu Intentions and working with nonprofit in New York, Gifted Hands.

    Ashleigh Livingston is the Granddaughter of Resident Artist and Clinical Psychologist at Spa by Diane Loring, Inc., Dr. Priscilla L. Partridge de Garcia and her husband Dr. Pedro E. Garcia.

    Joining forces with her Grandmother, Dr. Priscilla L. Partridge de Garcia, and Diane Loring, the three of them have put on art extravaganzas that have benefited Casa Pacifica, the Rubicon Theater and Community Memorial Hospital. Ashleigh has also been involved in several of the Ventura City Artwalks at Spa by Diane Loring, Inc.

    Ashleigh has been providing beautiful jewelry for sale at Spa by Diane Huntington Loring. and has also advised and assisted with non-profit, fund raising art events at Spa by Diane Huntington Loring, for the past 5 years, pro bono.

    Made In Uganda

    gifted-hands-jewelry-nyAshleigh Livingston and Carrie Stewart co founded Nu Intentions after traveling to Northeastern Uganda with the divine inspiration and help of Amelia Hirsch.

    Nu Intentions was found in a region that has been devastated by rebel war and violence. Their social endeavor features the Nu Threads jewelry line, both hand crafted by the women of Northeastern Uganda.

    Nu Intentions Jewelry was featured in by San Diego’s Riviera magazine and recognized by the San Diego News Network.Made in New York Ashleigh Livingston also teamed up with founder of Gifted Hands, Dustee Hullinger. Dustee is the modern day Mother Teresa of New York. She goes to the parts of New York no one wants to. She offers jewelry and art classes to the homeless, HIV patients,abandoned mothers, and victims of domestic abuse. The beautiful jewelry offered at Spa by Diane were created by a class of single mothers partnered with jewelry parts from Nordstroms.

    badashkrystelleMade in San Diego

    Ashleigh’s guitar pick line is often referred in Ocean Beach as Bad Ash. This unique guitar pick line has funded her passion of working with the two causes mentioned above.

    Ashleigh Livingston earns her MBA at Point Loma Nazarene University!
    Ashleigh also received the Student of the Year Award from her Professors and peers!

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    Double Trouble Cookies

    Double Trouble Cookies


    Diane Huntington Loring, owner of Spa by Diane Huntington Loring, and Resident Artist and Clinical Psychologist at Spa by Diane Huntington Loring, Dr. Priscilla L. Partridge de Garcia, won #1 and a blue ribbon at the Ventura County Fair with their, Happiest Cookies in the Whole World!

    Diane and Priscilla are lifelong friends and now, serious cookie collaborators! They decided to join forces three years ago to create another fun aspect of several of their ventures

    Diane and Priscilla joined magical forces and became partners in cookie crime, making the Happiest Cookies in the Whole World! Diane says, “We have decided to call them, “Double Trouble!”


    Double Trouble Cookies® has also been mentioned in Pasadena magazine.

    Sophia Kercher
    - Pasadena magazine
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    The spa’s retail shelves are stocked with... sinfully rich Double Trouble chocolate-chip cookies, which Loring and de Garcia home-baked and entered in the Ventura County Fair (they took first place).

    Maryann Hammers
    - 805 Living magazine
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    Double Trouble, indeed!

    Larry Bleiberg
    - Contributor, USA Today

    WOW! Diane! The double trouble cookies are wonderful! You have a winner - kudos to you!

    Kay Harwell Fernandez
    - Freelance Travel Writer Member SATW, ASJA, FFWA
    Author Apple iPad/iPhone app Chocolate Travel

    Award Winning Chocolate Chip Cookies

    double-trouble-cookies-01bEncouraged by special friend, Tracy Lehr, KEYT Ventura County Bureau Chief & News Anchor, Diane and Priscilla decided to enter the cookies in the Ventura County Fair. Diane says, “We ended up making them at Priscilla’s house, which wasn’t the usual. Consequently, it really became the proverbial, trial by error.”

    The first two batches burned on the bottom and the third turned out more normal but Diane still wasn’t convinced they would have a chance. Priscilla and her husband, Dr. Pedro E. Garcia both concurred that they were absolutely delicious and worthy of entering the Ventura County Fair.

    Tracy e-mailed the next day and said that you got a ribbon just for entering! That did it for Diane and she walked those cookies in to the Ventura County Fair, just to feel like a winner!

    Guess who won first prize?